Taken on the 27th of September at a staff meeting in Eswatini.

The Station Director Greg Clarke had this to say: -
On Tuesday, we celebrated Steve Stavropoulos’ birthday.  He has been serving with Trans World Radio for 45 years. Sadly, we also had to announce that he and his wife Lorraine will be leaving Eswatini.
Our function celebrated all three of these milestones.  It was a great time for everyone to say goodbye to the Stavs and share the many memories that have happened over the years.
Steve and Lorraine will be missed.  Steve has been a great mentor to me. He knows the landscape and people so well in Eswatini and he is well known and respected in the community.  Lorraine has been with Steve for most of his 45 years and has filled many roles with TWR.  She has also been such a great asset with her love for hosting people.
Siyabonga Babe Steve and Make Lorraine (Thank-you Father Steve and Mother Lorraine)

 We are not retiring from TWR, but plan to work remotely and visit Eswatini from time to time to be of assistance on the ground as needed.  For example, when Tobi and Britta go on furlough to Germany next year or for specific projects or technical audits.  At the end of October, we are planning to move to a cottage at Glenhaven in Pretoria. 
When Greg returned from furlough in Canada last month Stephen handed back the role of Station Director to him, so for now he is just Chief Engineer.
Lorraine, together with Britta’s help is answering Dx letters.  She is also kept quite busy with auditioning/editing of English programs. 

Staff.    It was very good to have Larry and Virginia McGuire visiting for two months in July and August.
Extending the reach from Eswatini.  We are still praying about an additional shortwave antenna. antenna to reach Somali and Southern Sudan.  A response has not been forthcoming, so wisdom is needed to know if the Lord is closing that door.

FamilyIn August we were able to have a long weekend together in Clarens with Duane, Cherrie, Claire, and Jack  and Esther, Neil, Thomas, and Beth.

You are my God, and I will praise you;
you are my God, and I will exalt you. Psalms 118:28

We thank the Lord for your support and partnership with us in the Gospel.Stephen & Lorraine                                       

sstavrop@twr.org     lstavrop@twr.org
Responses: - TTB (Through the Bible)
From a radio recipient in Nigeria:
“Since I tuned in and listened to Thru the Bible for the first-time last year, my family has not missed the program a single day. We enjoy it. It is a blessing to us. We would not be able to understand the word of God clearly on our own, but your broadcasts give us step by step exposition of the Word.”

A TWR listener in the Middle East:  
“I am a 23-year-old woman who was abused by one of my family members. The Lord appointed you especially for me. You are close to my heart over far distances. Thanks for helping me to overcome feelings of guilt in my relationship with God. Thanks for helping me to realize that it is a relationship based on love, not rituals. The Lord set me free from low self-esteem, and he gave my life meaning and purpose.”

From a Khmer language listener in Cambodia:
 “One day some years ago, I went to my Christian neighbor’s house, and they were listening to the radio. It was the first time for me to listen to a Christian radio program. After the program was over, my heart was touched by the Word to know that Jesus died on the cross and showed his mercy of salvation for people around the world.”
 “I went back home and started to cry without any reason. Finally, I decided to go to my neighbor to ask them to lead me to Christ. They prayed for me, and starting that day, I became a Christian. I still keep going to church, and I continue to listen to Thru the Bible even until now. Thanks for bringing me the Word of life.”
Writing to the TTB Zulu WhatsApp number:
I am staying in Benoni, in Lindelani. It is an informal settlement.  I was saved in 1987 as a teenager. 
Now, I am 48 years old. I have been listening to you for the past 20 years and I love to say, your teachings have empowered me in my Christian walk.
But my point is that I have a problem that started in 2010, since that time my life changed for the worse. 
I lost my job and was not able to support my family. I tried to get another job but was not successful. 
This affected my marriage, and I lost it and found myself drinking and leaving my family. 
But, by listening to you every night brought me back to God. I have started a Bible study in the area
Last week I (Lorraine) was watching an Aerobathon, I introduced myself to a lady who was watching with me.  We were talking and she asked who we were working for. I said TWR.  “Oh WOW”, she said, “That is amazing!”
“Tell me more”, I said.
“My mother is 86.  She found Jesus on TWR. She listens every day. We had to listen too.  She has been listening for over 20 years.” She went on to tell me that her mother still listens to the radio, not our internet, because she is old.