Rod and Glenda Sept 22

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support. We also thank the Lord for the gift of Mrs Sekiguchi’s baptism. It was a great encouragement for us and the believers to hear how the Lord had been working in her life from before she was born. Her father had read the Bible as a prisoner-of-war in Singapore and told her it was the most important message ever. He named her Keiko, which means child of grace. Pray for many more conversions. It was also a good opportunity for a church photo (see print version in the blue link at the top).

Please pray for the evangelism in Gamo on 6th Oct, the Creation Science seminar on 7th on the Age of the Earth, mini concert on 15th etc.

Thank you for praying for our home assignment in UK and RSA (Oct 31-Mar 9): God has provided accommodation but we are still waiting on him for transport and for our schedule to come together..We have one month before we leave and have been getting the Gamo house ready for our coworkers the Kims who will fill in for 5 weeks of the 4.5 months. I found some old photos of what it looked like after the tsunami. It’s come a long way (see print version).

love in Christ

Rod and Glenda


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