INcontext Tanzania hosted a conference in Dar es Salaam to inspire the African Church as it embraces its rightful place in global missions. Leaders from around 29 different denominations and organisations were represented together with INcontext team and board members from South Africa and America. This time together exceeded all expectations, and we praise the Lord for how He orchestrated the event. Damon and I would like to personally thank each of you for every prayer and contribution in making this a success. You have a hand in what happened over our time in Tanzania!

During our time on Zanzibar we had the privilege of meeting with a Pastor there of a local Church. Zanzibar is considered 99% Muslim. He shared with us some of the struggles believers face on the island along with a powerful testimony. Believers struggle to purchase land and get jobs simply because they are Christian. He also shared with us that about 5 years ago Muslim extremists on the island came to burn down his Church. In his absence, the Muslim community around the Church protected the Church and chased the extremists away! This spoke deep into our hearts as a group: that this Pastor's presence and work in the community must definitely be making an impact - for them to have been protected in this way! May our presence in our homes, workplaces, and communities radiate the love of Christ!

Worcester Baptist Church:

Worcester Baptist Church has really become a family and we truly are thankful for each person that attends every service!

There is currently a lot happening in the Church which excites our hearts very much!

On Saturday 30 July, we will be having training at our church hosted by the Baptist Union, covering various topics like: Leadership, the spirituality of church (preaching, teaching, fellowship, discipleship & worship), Church life, organizational side (secretary), missions, impacting the community, setting up programs and finances.

In early August, we will be having another youth and young adult get-together - where we will watch a Christian movie together and have a time of fellowship.

In September, we will also be starting a 3-week long membership course which will take place for an hour on Sundays after Church.

Another exciting development is that the Church, once a month in collaboration with another Baptist Church in Paarl, will host and train Pastors in and around Worcester in Systematic Theology. Damon will be lecturing on occasion.

INcontext - Generation Next Durban:
My (Gigi's) next focus is to prepare for a Generation Next event in Durban, which takes place mid-August. We will, Lord-Willing, be starting off in an interactive way - forming a global overview. I will then share the importance the next generation has in taking up the mantle from the previous generation - inspiring them to missions. Damon will then share a bit about young missionaries INcontext supports on the field. The youngsters will have time to write a letter to one of these missionaries, encouraging them to continue the work the Lord has called them to. We are very excited to see how the Lord is going to work in the lives of the young people through this event. We will also be spending some time in Durban with family as we are staying in Worcester over December, tending to our Church responsibilities. Financially, at the moment, we are unable to make the trip to Durban - but we trust the Lord to provide. If you feel led to contribute, please see details at the end of the email.

Prayer Requests: 
- Pray for me (Gigi) as I prepare for the Generation Next event in Durban
- Pray for all those involved in the Gen Next Durban logistics
- Pray for the youngsters that will be attending - for God to speak to them and for them to be obedient to His word
- Pray for the finances needed to make this trip possible
- Pray for Damon as he shares from the word of God on a weekly basis
- Pray for us to be sensitive to the voice of God as we deal with people on a daily basis
- Pray for all the Church meetings and functions that will be taking place over the next few months - we can do noting without God!