Dear Friends,

DEVOTIONS:  2 Kings chapters 22 and 23 tells the story of King Josiah who came to the throne of Judah and ruled for 31 years.  In his 18th year of rule at the age of 26years old he began to repair the Temple and as a result, the Book of the Law was discovered, This changed his life, his heart, and the hearts of his people and nation.  Notice the THREE changes that resulted from the discovery of God’s Word. Firstly, there was the READING of God’s Word.  People didn’t own books and there were only very expensive scrolls, so they relied on hearing the Word of God being read.  Many believers own more than one Bible, and some have an ordinary Bible and Study Bibles – yet how much time do we spend reading the Word of God in such a way that it challenges and changes our hearts and lives?  Secondly, there was the RENEWED COVENANT with God.  We are reminded of the NEW Covenant every time we meet around the Lord’s table and partake of the bread and the cup. Thirdly, there was REMOVAL AND RESTORATION as the people removed all the signs and symbols of idolatry. Someone described an idol as “anything that takes the place of Jesus”.  It can be a relationship or a possession.  It can be a time-consuming hobby or a sinful habit.  Our prayer is that God’s Word will have a life-changing effect on your life as we see that it in the lives of those we minister to.


We praise the Lord for a quieter month, we were able to do local ministry and only travelled between our home and the Durban area.  Andy preached at Idwala Church in Paddock and Pinetown Baptist.   He also taught at the ZEMA Mukhanyo class and discussed their plans with the students.  We have three active students and two applications in the pipeline.

As we prepare for our annual Teacher’s Conference at the end of July we rejoice that the covid restrictions have been lifted which allows us to have a more relaxed time together.  Andy has now recorded the Marriage Officer training course and we will be launching it online at the Conference. The online course will comprise of a PowerPoint presentation on the Marriage Act, notes on pre-marital counselling with tests, and an application form that will be used to submit the names of successful candidates to the Dept of Home Affairs who process the applications.


We had a lovely time with Kirsten as we celebrated her 40th birthday as a family. She was able to fly down to Durban while Haydn looked after the children. Please pray for Kirsten as she will have an operation to remove her ovaries in July


Heather will be attending the TEAM/ ZEMA ladies seminar in mid-July and will then go to stay with Kirsten at the end of July to help care for the children while Kirsten recuperates, and Andy will be teaching at South Coast Bible School just before the ZEBS Teachers Conference at the end of July.


Thanks for your faithful prayers and loving support,

May the Lord richly bless you all

Andy & Heather Sullivan


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