March and April News

Rod and Glenda Thomas Sunday, 27 March 2022

Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings from a shaky NE Japan.

We had a big earthquake on 16th March just before midnight. Several big shakes came in succession.

Earthquakes are horrible especially at night. Books and crockery fall to the floor and make it difficult to move around. The following day’s Hallelujah lunchtime meeting was cancelled because so much stuff had fallen down. On 19th we had a mini-concert scheduled and the day before the chairman phoned to say the elevator was still broken and suggested we cancel because the meeting room was on the 6th floor and the many old people couldn’t use the stairs. But I replied we would do it anyway and we prayed about the lift. Just before we arrived a repairman came and fixed it. So praise God we could go ahead! We had good attendance and felt that there was more spiritual interest than before. So… maybe even earthquakes have their uses.

We have had a lot of new people coming to church recently. Mrs Stone Entrance has been coming to services for 6 weeks now. Lets pray her into the Kingdom. The work at Gamo seems to have stalled - those we hoped were coming to faith aren’t showing progress. The Zernas, a young Australian short-term missionary couple have moved into Hitokita. Pray for them to settle in quickly and evangelise the locals.

We are planning our next home assignment for Nov-Dec in UK and Jan-Mar in South Africa. Please book ahead!

Finally please pray for us to be more effective disciple-makers, productive harvesters and more skilled fishers of men. Contrary to what is often said, we are not sent just to be faithful, but to gather the elect.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

love in Christ

Rod and Glenda 


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