Worcester Baptist Church:

From when Damon and I got married, Damon’s heart's desire was to disciple and shepherd a congregation, we are so thankful for this opportunity at WBC to do just that!

For Bible Study, Damon’s recently started a series by Paul Washer called “One True God”. Damon has really enjoyed preparing and presenting each attribute of God. It has been a blessing to see the congregation’s response and the discussions that take place during the Bible Study. We have also recently started a prayer meeting before Bible Study. Damon has been working through the book of Acts on Sundays which has been challenging us all as individuals and as a Church. WBC has recently launched their website and YouTube channel where Damon’s sermons can be downloaded or watched.

We really see WBC as a ship being built in a harbour. The ship is floating but not seaworthy just yet. Our roles are to slowly put structures in place – so that when the ship leaves the harbour, the boat and crew are ready to face whatever weather comes our way! This year, our focus has been to build relationships with those in the church, to pray about opportunities in the community, to see where God wants to use us, as well as to (Lord-Willing) grow the leadership (vote in more deacons & elders at the end of the year). WBC ran a campaign to raise non-perishables, clothes, and toiletries for vulnerable ladies and children in May. Damon and a lady from our church went to drop the items off last month – the staff were overwhelmed and very grateful. We are trusting the Lord to use this as a gateway for future opportunities in this home. Damon also recently visited Pioneer School (our church service is held in their hall every Sunday) and a local Pastor which presented many more opportunities of involvement within the community.

WBC does not have an official youth meeting yet. However, last month we had 7 youngsters over at our home for a braai. This month we will be having them over for a games night and Bible Quiz – we are trusting this to develop into formal youth ministry in the future. We feel like there is so much to do here in Worcester and at WBC, we are trying not to run ahead of the Lord but to rather walk in step with His Spirit as He leads and directs us – but specifically Damon as he leads the vision of WBC and takes it forward!

Incontext International

INcontext International:

Africa Rising:

From 8-15 July (next week), we will be travelling to Tanzania and Zanzibar with a group from INcontext to inspire the African Church to missions. The first major item in our program is to attend a Tanzanian church service – Damon and I love to experience how different cultures worship God. The Africa Rising conference will then take place over two days where people from South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and South Sudan will share. In the afternoons there will be workshops that people can attend with different topics. I (Gigi) will lead a 45-minute workshop on the next generation and how they are the future of the African Church and missions. We will also spend a day in Zanzibar being exposed to the culture, church, and people. The main religion practiced in Zanzibar is Islam. We are so excited for what God has in stall for us during this mission’s exposure! Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this trip possible! 

Generation Next Durban:

From the 26-27 August, we will be hosting a Generation Next event in Durban where we aim to inspire the youth to take their place in global missions, be that through going, supporting or praying! This will take place on a Friday night as a 'normal' youth service. The next day the youth will be briefed in the do’s and don’ts of outreach. They will then have the opportunity to go out on the beach and minister.

Our Generation to the Nations:

From 19-23 September, we will be hosting a mission’s exposure for young adults to unreached people groups in Cape Town. They will be trained by various lecturers and through multiple topics, they will minister to the Cape Malay people group (99.5% Muslim) and to Somalians. Somalia is considered a Muslim majority nation and is 3rd on the World Watch List for persecuted Christians. So far, we have 16 young adults from across SA and Tanzania joining us. There is always room for more so if you are between the ages of 18-30 or if you know someone who would like to join, please do not hesitate to contact me. On the 29th of June I had the opportunity to share about this mission’s exposure on Radio Cape Pulpit, it really went well, and I praise God for His goodness and guidance.

Contact Details:


Damon: 063 002 8890 / damon@incontextministries.org

Gigi: 071 892 0588 / gigikotze22@gmail.com

Personal Bank Details: Bank: Capitec / Acc No: 1403127113 / Branch No: 470010 / Acc Type: Savings


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