May 2022 News

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support! It’s not just the language in Japan but the misconceptions which make evangelism a challenge. Rod was teaching the story of the thief on the cross in Luke 23 and one woman commented that he must have had a good heart all the time and just been led astray by bad friends. No we explained, he was a bad man same as the other until God opened his eyes and gave him repentance and faith. And this woman was baptized 3 years ago but seems largely untaught though keen. Also when we teach the story of the prodigal son most Japanese identify with the elder son who was ‘good’ the whole time! It is not that the concept of sin is hard to grasp but that most people do not feel they are sinners before God. Pray that we will be better at evangelism and that God will give us grace, wisdom and boldness by the Holy Spirit. Pray that as we lower our nets into the various places we work that Christ will guide many large fish into the gospel net. 153 would do for a start (Jn 21:11)! 

On Thursday we have the Hallelujah meeting at Yamamoto and on Sunday after the church have a believers meeting to discuss the future plans of the church. Events in June are Gamo outreaches on 2nd, 9th and 19th, Yuriage outreach 18th, Yamamoto  16th, and weekly ministry at Nishi Nakada at church. The Zernas have a children’s English class at Hitokita each Saturday. 

Please pray for revival of the Japanese church, breakthrough into all areas of society, the gospel being boldly preached and a widespread fear of the Lord (Acts 5:11-13, 19:10, 17-20).

love in Christ

Rod and Glenda

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