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Our first face-2-face meeting for the new Africa Region was held in January when the photo was taken. We call this group the Africa Roundtable. It consist of our VP Team, 7 Africa specialists representing us on the 7 global field strategy and capacity teams, and a few National Directors from our bigger ministries in Africa.


Our monthly Roundtable Zoom meetings are helpful, but somehow one makes a lot more progress when you sit around a table in person. We cleared up a lot in terms of how we can effectively work together to serve the national ministries in Africa.

 We also had good relationship building times during meals and other activities.

 It was my first time to meet four of these leaders in person. What a privilege!

 For both our VP Team and the Roundtable, our focus is to be alongside our national leaders and assist them where needed as they lead the local ministries. We are trusting the Lord for strong sustainable movements in all 50 of our countries. Thank you for praying with us for that.

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After almost two years of only online meetings, it is great to be able to have some face-to-face meetings again. More so for us as we have new teams or groups working together, and it is not so easy to build these new relationships over Zoom or WhatsApp.

So It was a joy when our VP Team could be together for the first time last month in Rwanda, even though we started working together online since October. The nine of us had good interactions and covered much ground. Thank you for praying for us.