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Stav’s News, November 2019

Greetings from the Kingdom of Eswatini
Eswatini. (Swaziland). We hosted the Africa Ministry Leadership team last week. Please pray for the team as they seek program material and sponsorship. Also, for the new staff member in Nigeria as he heads up the work in that country of over 200 million people. 541 languages and 89 unreached people groups.

Staff - -Please continue to pray for the Lord to provide us with two engineers because one left last year and another one is leaving in April next year.

West Africa Transmitter Station (WATS).
Container number four, with the generators,arrived safely from South Africa. Thank you for your prayers. It seemed to be a real spiritual battle. TWR Africa prayer calendar at
We had a good trip and Stephen was able to make progress towards commissioning the transmitter.We are thankful for safe travels, good health and wisdom. Would you please pray the whole project through to completion and regular broadcasts on
air. The transmitter needs some more work to get it up to full power.

On the way back we stopped by the TWR Kenya office and learned first hand of the Somali refugees being reached through their studio. Security is high in Kenya because of the terrorist attacks. The studio was moved from Garissa to Nairobi after about a hundred and twenty students were killed at the university in that town, a couple of years or so back. Below, FM coverage in Kenya.

Family. We are excited about the expected arrival of our 4th grandchild in December.
Psa 139:24 And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!
We thank the Lord for each of you, for your support and partnership with us in the Gospel.
Stephen & Lorraine

Listener response:-
I was seriously interested in the Bible, but I could not always understand what I was reading. So that frustrated me; I was wondering if I did not have a problem, I was asking myself questions and I was getting discouraged and I was gradually losing
interest in personal Bible reading. Your program "Thru the Bible" in French, allowed me to understand the word of God and grow in faith ...Thank you very much
A. F, Yamoussoukro - Ivory Coast
I am a faithful listener of your teaching program "Thru The Bible" in French. To apply to my life certain basic and safe rules of understanding the Bible and to avoid missing a passage of the Bible...,I take notes to read them after, but I cannot take
any notes during your teachings, for the fact that you are fast. My level of study is primary so I write slowly, I want you to do it slowly for me. It will allow me to better understand and meditate the word of God, thank you for the teaching you give us, these lessons are really a source of blessing. It's a refuge for me and my family, a guide for me. May God protect you so that you can always give us
these teachings. Thank you so much Dr. Vernon…
S.Y - Thru The Bible (French)
Although a Muslim, I listen a lot Radio Espoir here in Mali. I'm happy because your program deals with the topics that have brought a lot to my relationship which my wife. You know that we, the Bambara, do not like to talk about some subject
even with his own wife. hearing you talk freely about sexually transmissible disease and sex is a message to me. Today, I freely discuss our sexual life with my wife. One day, our imam appreciated your messages and gave me the advice to listen to
you frequently.
A.R - KBDK (Bambara)
I am a Muslim and I listen to your program in Senufo and that interests me because it's in my mother tongue. I decided to give my life to God. I have a church problem, I do not know which church to integrate. That's why I'm calling because I think if your program has allowed me to give my life to God, you're well placed to tell me where to go. I.S - The Prophets (Senoufo)

A few months back a couple of our ministry leaders visited Ethiopia. One of them reported (edited),
”The highlight I would say was a trip about two hours east of Addis Ababa to Goda Ara near Adama in the Oromia region, to visit listeners. As you know, there are two weekly programmes, in the Amharic and Oromo languages, broadcast on TWR’s shortwave service.
It was touching to see the number of adolescents and young adults – so enthusiastic in their worship and attentive listening to the Word. We spent time interviewing the people there. This took a while as it was a double translation, but the passion and clear testimonies about the programs shone through. The people told us they are grateful for the nourishment of their spiritual growth by these programs. “Give us more, please” they said. It was quite convicting to reflect on the wealth of
Christian teaching available to me as a believer living in South Africa, not only from my church but so many choices of media, wherever I want,whenever I want.
They listen in teams because not everyone owns a radio set. After listening, they discuss to share what everyone has learned. We were shown a typical small radio set used by the people in the area, not of great quality. Part of TWR’s ministry is the distribution of good quality radio receiving sets to listener groups.
We are impressed by the good response to the programs of approximately 1000 reactions per month. The ministry in Ethiopia is important to us.The country sits in the corner of the “buffer zone”(Muslim North meeting Christian South) and the
“Swahili Coast”( the strong concentration of Muslims all along the East coast of Africa down to Northern Mozambique). We are pleased that the Shortwave service is well received there. “

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08.04 | 19:24

Great ministry.

05.02 | 17:27

I trust that your ministry will be blessed and that God will continue to lead and guide you as you carry out His work in Parliament.

05.03 | 04:21

Very encouraged to read of Christian influence in Government. Praise God 1 Timothy 2:1-7

16.02 | 13:22

They are all doing a great work to reach people for the Lord. So they need all our support and prayers!

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