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Dear friends and family,

This year took us all by surprise and for those who watch survivor – this year blindsided us all.  But we serve a God who has never ceased to be in control! Such a season brings new opportunities to serve God & to love others. When all we seem to see is darkness and chaos, we need to remind ourselves that light shines brighter in darkness. What an opportunity we have as the body of Christ to be the light of the world in such a time as this.

  In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 the bible says that we should be thankful in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. ALL meaning - being thankful through the good and the bad circumstances of life. In a time when all we seem to see is the bad, darkness and hopelessness, we need to be actively finding good, light and hope – things to be thankful for.   Child of God, shine for Jesus in this time!


George & the farm:

Damon and I were blessed with the opportunity to drive through to George and have a time of rest and fellowship with mentors and ministry friends.  This was really a special time for us that we will forever treasure in our hearts. It was also such a beautiful change in scenery for us as since lockdown began, we have pretty much been in our granny flat, to the shops and the INcontext office. We also spent 2 days on a farm, where we got to feed little lambs, alpacas, and some ducks. We returned refreshed and ready for the next half of the year.


INcontext International:

We currently work from the office 4 days a week, in different time slots – other than that work continues from home and as normal.

Please pray for us to be focused and that our work will always be done in excellence.

As you know, as from the beginning of this year Damon took on the role of project manager at INcontext. This season has presented many opportunities for believers to be the salt and light in the world. Projects have been launched for the Syrian and South Sudanese refugees who live day to day, as well as a project in response to the explosion in Lebanon.

To find out more, follow the links below:

Project Hibiscus (South Sudanese Refugees): https://www.incontextinternational.org/projects-africa/


Project Jasmine (Syrian Refugees):




Lebanon Disaster Response:



My role in the travel department has come to a standstill in this time as international travel has still not been permitted. In this time I have been assisting the Communications Department at INcontext wherever I can.  I have been researching and writing the Pray for the Nations   and compiling the Mailchimp   emails that go out to our subscribers.


Family Devotions:

Damon and I have truly been blessed by our time as a family over zoom. We still meet twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) whenever we can. Each member of the family now leads us in a devotional - allowing us to all grow together. This time has been so precious to us, especially since we live so far away from our families. We thank God for technology and that we are able to meet.

Please pray that we will all continue to grow in the Lord during these times and that His salvation will reign in the hearts of our families.


Online Materials:

WHO IS GOD?/God’s Attributes

Damon has continued a weekly teaching on:  WHO IS GOD?  

This gets posted every Sunday on

Facebook: Gigi  Kotze & YouTube: Gigi Kotze

Some of the topics covered so far:







God is GREAT

God is HOLY



As mentioned in our previous newsletter, I have started up a personal blog and website as well.

There are devotionals, videos & testimonies on the website – I encourage you to take a look.



Going deeper girls' group:

The Going Deeper girls' group I started during lockdown has grown to 17 young ladies from across the world and South Africa. The purpose of this group is to go deeper with each other as well as the Lord – fulfilling the Great Commandment to Love the Lord and to Love each other.

Since our last newsletter we have met 3 times over zoom and have chatted around different topics and teachings. We have recently started a course together called Fresh Start. Fresh Start deals with past hurts, offenses and losses that we might have encountered from childhood till today. It is a beautiful tool to use in the future as well. This course really digs deep and opens up ‘infected wounds’.

Please pray for wisdom in running such a group. Pray for the ladies as they go through the Fresh Start course. Please pray for the Lord to work deeply in our hearts drawing us closer to HIM first as well as each other.


Significant Events:

Birthday vibes!!!!! I turned 27 on the 27th of August.

Thank you so much to everyone who made my day so special, I really appreciate you all so much!

On the 29th of August, a group of ladies from BBC (including myself) finished a course called: The Significant Woman. This was so special.


Prayer Requests:

  • Damon has Baptist Union interviews on the morning of the 14th of September. Please pray for him in this.

  • Please pray for us to be sensitive to the voice of the good and greatest Shepherd and to be patient as we wait on Him.

  • We can get so easily distracted by the world and the things of this world. Please pray us to be focused on Jesus alone.

  • Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit given to us to do the work of God. Please pray for our health.

With love

Damon & Gigi Kotze



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05.08 | 09:11

What a way to serve, we are so excited for the new venture. May God use you to bring hope to the hopeless.

08.04 | 19:24

Great ministry.

05.02 | 17:27

I trust that your ministry will be blessed and that God will continue to lead and guide you as you carry out His work in Parliament.

05.03 | 04:21

Very encouraged to read of Christian influence in Government. Praise God 1 Timothy 2:1-7

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