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Dear Friend,
Yes, it was great seeing them again – our NextGen group of young leaders. We are in regular contact, but seeing people face-to-face remains the best.
I enjoyed seeing our young leaders interacting with the older leaders. They were learning so much from one another and it created a new vibrancy in our meeting.
To complete the Transforming Leadership and Governance Seminar we did, participants need to do a practical project. We divided into 4 groups for this and the discussions were robust. Currently the groups are still working on these projects.
I joined the group that is working on Youth Empowerment. We are all concerned about the high and rising rate of youth unemployment in all our countries and the challenges that go with that. Our question is if we can leverage the platform that we already have with high school and university students to better equip them for life after school.
This already happens in a smaller individual way as part of our discipleship process, but we want to also reach out to the majority that are not part of this process. Well, the discussion is ongoing in our online meetings. Pray for us to come up with practical and transferable guidelines for this.
May you and your loved ones experience a wonderful Christ-celebration this Christmas.
With love and prayers,

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05.08 | 09:11

What a way to serve, we are so excited for the new venture. May God use you to bring hope to the hopeless.

08.04 | 19:24

Great ministry.

05.02 | 17:27

I trust that your ministry will be blessed and that God will continue to lead and guide you as you carry out His work in Parliament.

05.03 | 04:21

Very encouraged to read of Christian influence in Government. Praise God 1 Timothy 2:1-7

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